Love swing luxury – leather or faux leather BLACK Lonesome Dragon Bed ( Kunstleder SCHWARZ)

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✔ Stylish design and all the advantages of the “Private Euphoria” love swing, but in a robust leather and imitation leather version
✔ maximum convenience
✔ XL width for maximum freedom of movement
✔ No need to hold on tight, you can completely let go and enjoy it
✔ Flexible but inherently stable support mat
✔ highly elastic special spring for weightless pleasure
✔ For different ceiling heights without any knots thanks to the special rope
✔ Fluffy, height-adjustable foot straps for feet or thighs
✔ Extra-thick, super comfortable and hygienic padding in elegant and easy-to-clean leather or artificial leather
✔ Padded frame keeps the swing in shape
✔ Can also be used without a padding thanks to the indestructible mesh support surface for particularly wet pleasure
✔ Thanks to its own stability, the key to a new quality of life even in the event of physical impairments (illness, accident, disability or even pregnancy).

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

The thick and cuddly upholstery not only looks very inviting thanks to the quilting, but is also absolutely super comfortable.

Both the leather and faux leather overlays have a visible but unobtrusive texture, which gives the surface a very attractive touch.

The filling consists of breathable polyester hollow fibers. This makes the upholstery hypoallergenic and very hygienic because it does not provide a breeding ground for microorganisms.

Thanks to the leather and imitation leather version, the upholstery can be cleaned again in a flash; It is also far less sensitive to stains than textile upholstery.

The lying surface of the love swing is made of easy-to-clean, weather- and UV-resistant mesh plastic fabric. This not only guarantees maximum shape and tear resistance but also enables fun with larger amounts of liquids of all kinds.

The extra-thick rubber padding of the solid steel tubes ensures maximum comfort and also allows the love swing to be used without a cushion.

The suspension is done using a real, elegant, and extremely stable trapezoidal bar. This not only looks very stylish and, together with the elegant, quilted upholstery, gives the love swing its special character, but is also extremely robust.
You can hold on to it really well without it bending. Or – for very hot positions – you can also support your feet on it and indulge in the pleasure while giving your partner very special insights.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

With the included special rope, it can be easily hung up to a ceiling height of 2.70 meters (8.9 ft) without having to struggle with knots. For higher ceilings, we can make and include a longer rope for your sex swing upon request.

So that the partner in front of the swing can stand comfortably and relax, the suspension point should – depending on the length of the legs – be no lower than around 2.10 meters (6.9 ft).

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The swing is safe up to a load of 150 kg (330 lbs) (although we were unable to destroy the swing in our tests, even when it was full of sandbags).

Please also think about the forces that can affect the suspension on the ceiling. And don’t forget force = mass times acceleration! This means that even 100 kg can become several times larger when there is a lot of movement (= acceleration)! But the swing isn’t meant for jumping around wildly, you probably have better things to do with it…

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We deliberately chose our beautiful special spring so that even lighter people can get this great spring feeling.

If the spring is dynamically loaded with more than 100 kg (220 lbs), it can “wear out”, i.e. lose its preload (don’t worry, you can easily get a replacement part from us should this happen).

However, if you would prefer a stronger spring, we can provide you with a stronger spring with a load capacity of up to 160 kg (353 lbs) instead of our standard spring – please simply note this as a comment in your order. Please note, however, that this spring does not produce this great spring feeling under low load.

The perfect gift for yourself or your partner – this very special love swing will bring momentum to your love life! 💕

Finally, the time has come; We are delighted to be able to offer the popular love swing “Private Euphoria” from our young Swiss label LONESOME DRAGON as a “Special Edition” in white and black leather and imitation leather.

These models offer all the advantages of “Private Euphoria”. In addition, they are available in an exclusive version with robust upholstery in genuine leather as well as a vegan version in high-quality third-generation artificial leather (microfiber leather).

These special models are not only an absolute eye-catcher in your home, but thanks to the robust, hygienic, and easy-to-clean surface of the upholstery, they are also ideal for use in hotels, clubs cozy rooms, and the like.

We developed them with a lot of passion and dedication in Switzerland and designed them to bring love swings out of their shadowy existence in the BDSM corner and make them socially acceptable thanks to their cheerful colors and attractive design.

This love swing definitely doesn’t need to be hidden and can even be used as a hanging seat for relaxing or reading. The “telltale” footrests can be removed with a single movement – and you have a completely innocent hanging chair 🙂

It is so comfortable that, in contrast to the usual love swings, it is not only perfect for hot passion but also perfect for long and romantic hours as well as ideal for sensual, tantric rituals.

The partner in the love swing enjoys the receiving and seducing role while floating, while the other not only has a wonderfully tempting sight but can also indulge in the enjoyment of the active part quite comfortably and without contortions.

The unique feeling of tingling sex in the love swing is enhanced by the spring on which the love swing hangs which conveys the feeling of floating weightlessness.

Triggered by thrusting movements during lovemaking, the swinging movement of the swing can also be used, which adapts to the rhythm of the act of love and thereby intensifies the experience.
And last but not least, the G-spot is in for a completely new and perhaps unprecedented experience of pleasure in a love swing.

Whether for stormy, passionate sex for lovers, as a breath of fresh air in long-term relationships or for long-lasting, highly intense, spiritual, and tantric sex, in which foreplay in the swing becomes a ritual – it is the ultimate and indispensable swinging sex dream for everyone, whether young or old.


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