PVC material is stretchable, but it can also be quite delicate. When trying to put it on, be sure not to pull too hard to avoid damaging the fabric. Don’t worry; with all the holes in this suit’s design, you won’t exert much effort to wear it.

You don’t have to take your clothes off to have a good time. You only need to purchase the Peek-a-Boo Bodysuit Fetish Costume and send the right signal to your beau. Get it while it’s hot!

Color Black
Material PVC
Sizes S, L – Refer to the size chart below for measurements
Recommended for Women
Washing Tips and General Instructions Hand-wash or machine wash and dry using the recommended temperature setting to avoid shrinkage


Are you ready to make your lover go crazy? If he worships your body and wants to get a handful of your sexiness all the time, then, by all means, you must give him what he wants. Flaunt all your assets at once and watch your partner prowl at you in excitement with Peek-a-Boo Bodysuit Fetish Costume!

This premium-quality PVC suit comes with a twist. It’s not your average suit because it gives more access to your body parts without removing the costume. It’s like being naked and clothed at the same time! This raunchy black outfit is highly stretchable, so it will not lose its shape and will cling to your figure most seductively. It has standard short sleeves leaving most of your arms bare. Thus, allowing you to do whatever you want with them. The turtleneck collar of this suit also makes you appear more slender. There are holes at each side of your waist down to your hips to showcase your figure more. This suit’s naughty design aims to cover your body and bare skin that needs to be seen or touched. That’s why it has holes where you can let out your perky breasts. With this design, your partner can massage them without taking your clothes off. Not only does this outfit grant access to your bosoms, but it provides quick entrance to your nether regions, too! As an icing on top, this costume is crotchless, leaving your genitals an open city for your partner to explore and conquer!


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