Sinclaire Black and Red Suede Flogger(Professional use Only)

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Black and Red Suede Flogger specifications:

  • Measurements: 30 inches in total length, falls are 22 inches in length
  • Material: Leather
  • Personally hand-picked by Isabella Sinclaire, one of the most sought-after Dominas in the world

Every soft strand will slap your partner’s skin sensually…

If you are looking for a starter whip to add to your collection, this is an essential flogger that is great for warming up your partner. The soft suede leather is balanced with a sturdy, yet lightweight handle so it is easy to use and swing. -Mistress Isabella Sinclaire

As soon as you feel the tightly wrapped herringbone handle in your grasp, your body will surge with power! Treat your masochist to a mighty flogging with this finely made impact tool. Softer than standard leather, the suede falls can be used for good or evil against your plaything’s supple flesh, tickling or smacking! A wrist loop offers you more security during each swing and also gives you the option of hanging storage.

One of the most sought-after Dominas in the world, Isabella Sinclaire has been a pillar of the fetish community and a fetish icon since 1993 and one of the first Pro Dommes with an online presence. She is a revered expert with unparalleled knowledge of all types of BDSM activities and a deep understanding of those who participate in them. Isabella Sinclaire is also an international film star who has created or starred in over 60 BDSM films. The Isabella Sinclaire Signature Collection features exceptionally crafted tools of the trade, personally hand-picked by Isabella Sinclaire for your satisfaction. Each piece reflects her style, sophistication, skill, and class.


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