Use this versatile outfit to show off your gorgeous, steaming, hot body to tempt women—and even other men, gays, and cougars. Use it as a costume for plays and parties, too. Also, put on a helmet, then hold a whip or a paddle, and use it in BDSM plays, too. Be the sadist that you are as you brag about your curves and bulges to your submissive partner.

Lastly, like any other clothes that you wear, this needs some upkeeping as well. Handwash it with lukewarm water and a chlorine-free solution. If using a machine, put it inside a mesh bag before dropping it in the tub. Make sure to turn the washer on at a gentle speed. Dry it by hanging, and keep it in your closet after. Never attempt to iron it, or you will lose it forever.

Be a sex symbol once you have this gear. Get this Full Body Male suit now by hitting that “Add to Cart” button!

Color Purple, Silver, Dark Gray, Fuchsia, Green, Blue, Gold. Red, Black, Pink, Apple Green, Royal Blue, White
Material Lycra
Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL – Refer to the size chart below for the measurements
Recommended for Men
Washing Tips and General Instructions Hand Wash
Machine Wash
Use Only Lukewarm Water
Use Mild and Chlorine-Free Cleaning Agent
Do Not Iron

Prominent chests, broad shoulders, hard-as-steel biceps, six-pack abdominal muscles, bubble butt, and bulging dick and balls—these are your assets that you want the world to see. However, your everyday outfit—a match of plain white t-shirt and boxers—is not sufficient to flaunt all at once. You want a suit that can cover your entirety and, at the same time, one that will boast off your hot, rocking body.

Say no more! The Full Body Male suit will tell the world how much of a hunk you are! Prepare your body to sweat more from this suit that’s as tight as your skin!

This garment which uses lycra, is so elastic that a small piece can cover a part of your body. This full-cover unitard is so smooth and glossy, plus super snug-fitting, too, making the wearer so much sexier than ever. It runs from the neck to the ankles to allow whole-body concealment. It has a zipper, from the collar down to the navel area, that serves as the doorway for the user’s easy access. But wait! If these features wow you already, check out the several options you can have. You can choose from purple, silver, dark gray, fuchsia, green, blue, gold, red, black, pink, apple green, royal blue, and white. All these color variants come in seven sizes—from extra small to XXXL. Measure your body dimensions and compare them to the table below.


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